The CYSP is a multifaceted program that is designed to prepare students 5th to 12th grades in all Concept schools to become well rounded individuals by actively following their interests, diversifying their experiences, and getting more education.

1. CYSP Application form
2. Student Parent Handbook
3. MS and HS Book Reports
4. Online Book Reading and testing (80% success is required)
5. Character Education Resources
6. CYSP Logbook Entrance for Students-Parents-Advisers

CYSP Recommended online test prep/tutoring websites: 
    a) Khan Academy
    b) BrainPOP 
    c) ACT Prep
    d) ACT Exam
    e) SAT Exam
    f)  SAT Practice Test
    g) Several SAT Tests
    h) ACT/SAT Practice Tests


The staff at MMSA truly goes above and beyond what is expected to make learning meaningful.  He truly appreciates the caring attitude of the staff, and the willingness of all of the staff to work with our students.

Colonel Cason, Parent

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4, Professional Development (Early Dismissal)
11, Official PSAT (Grades 9-11)
12, 1st Quarter PTC (Early Dismissal)
13, Professional Development - Staff Only
1, Professional Development (Early Dismissal)
3, First Quarter Ends (43 days)
8, SAT Practice-1 (Grade 11 Only)
22-24, Thanksgiving Break - No School
6, Professional Development (Early Dismissal)
13, SAT Practice-2 (Grade 11 Only)
14, 2nd Quarter PTC (Early Dismissal)
22-2, Winter Break
3,School Resumes
8-19, Winter EOC Assessments
10, Professional Development (Early Dismissal)
15, Martin Luther King Day - No School
16-2, NWEA Winter Testing (Grades K-8)
26, Second Quarter/First Semester Ends (48 days)
22-26, High School Midterms
7, Professional Development (Early Dismissal)
14, SAT Practice-3 (Grade 11 Only)
16-20, Mid-winter Break - No School
1, 3rd Quarter PTC (Early Dismissal)
2, Professional Development - Staff Only
7, Professional Development (Early Dismissal)
14, SAT Practice-4 (Grade 11 Only)
30-6, Spring Break - No School
2-6, Spring Break - No School
10, SAT and PSAT (Grades 9-11 Only)
11, ACT WorkKeys (Grade 11 Only)
12, M-STEP (Grade 11 Only)
11, Professional Development (Early Dismissal)
13, Third Quarter Ends (45 days)
16-20, M-STEP (Grades 5 and 8)
30-4: M-STEP (Grades 3 and 6)
2: Professional Development (Early Dismissal)
7-11: M-STEP (Grades 4 and 7)
14-13: NWEA Spring Testing (Grades K-8)
17: 4th Quarter PTC (Early Dismissal)
28: Memorial Day- No School
29-8: EOC/DA Assessments
1: Seniors' Last Day
6: Showcase (Early Dismissal)
8: High School Graduation
11-15: High School Finals
13: Kindergarten Graduation
14: 8th Grade Promotion
15:Fourth Quarter Ends (44 days)

Michigan Math and Science Academy Dequindre


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Michigan Math and Science Academy Dequindre is a public charter school serving sixth through twelfth grades. We provide our students with an innovative world class education, rich in math, science and technology. MMSA Dequindre K-12 focuses on preparing students to become bold inquirers, problem solvers and ethical leaders, with skills ready to meet the challenges of a competitive global workforce.


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