Food Pick Up for MMSA Families

Dear MMSA Parents/Guardians,
We have made arrangements with our school food vendor, Variety Foods, to have pick up breakfast and lunch foods available to our students during this time away from school. We invite you to come to our Lorraine building this coming Tuesday from 10am to 12noon to drive through and receive 5 days worth of breakfasts and 5 days of prepared cold lunches.

What we need from you, to take part, is to email back to this message directly or email us through or or In your email please leave your name and the number of children you will be picking up food for. We need this information by Wednesdays a week ahead  for Tuesdays in order for us to have enough food available.

Our Lorraine building is located at 28501 Lorraine, in Warren. It is between Van Dyke and Hoover, Take Martin Rd. which is 11 1/2 Mile Road, turning onto Lorraine heading north through the subdivision,

We hope everyone in our MMSA family is healthy, doing well and coping with everything that is going on. We also hope everyone is aware of the online resources the teachers have been supplying and we will continue to add more activities to keep the students’ time occupied with educational materials so they can keep up with their learning.

We will continue to keep you up to date on information you may need as soon as we receive it.

Michelle Shepard, Principal