2014-2015 MMSA Science Fair Results

Science Fair 1

Being a science academy, MMSA is dedicated to increase students’ success in Science, Math and Technology. Science Fair is one of the events that serves to this goal. We believe that  participating this activity contributes to the  development of  our students’ skills by building self confidence  through independently created projects, allowing students to apply important math concepts to seal world situations, improving students understanding of scientific inquiry and technological design, developing students’ reading, writing, and communication skills.

This year with the guidance of our mentor science and other volunteer teachers, our students studied on more than 100 projects, 40 of which were able to pass the first elimination.These qualified students competed with each other in our annual science fair on  January 22, 2015. We are proud that our students successfully presented their projects in front of the judges most of whom  have PhD degrees. Being evaluated by those high qualified judges was a huge motivation for our students for their future goals.

And finally, thanks to Mr.Yagci, Ms.Burgess, Ms.Langwald, Mrs.Yurdakal, Mrs.Portelli and Ms.Hart for their support and hard work in the process. Congratulations to all students for their success.

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                                  2014-2015 MMSA SCIENCE FAIR RESULTS
Name: Grade: Award Special Award
Mason Brudzinski 11th Gold Best project of science fair
Quintin Andrews 11th Gold Best project of science fair
Justin Wilton 9th Gold
Ajee White 9th Gold
Omar Khanfar 7th Gold
Ridwan Hayder 8th Gold
Tori Palka 10th Gold
Alexander Hardwell 11th Gold
Vincent WIlton 6th Gold
Grace Tate 9th Gold
Gabrielle Bagtas 7th Silver
Adam Khanfar 6th Silver
Bianca Torcuator 9th Silver
Bryan Banaylo 8th Silver
Elias Kashat 7th Silver
Anthony Morello 10th Silver
Imtihan Chowdhury 6th Silver
Joseph Woodall 10th Silver
Dakota Kindred 10th Silver
Timothy DeLeo 8th Bronze
Diamond Henderson 8th Bronze
Ileana Bell 10th Bronze
Adelaide Dempsey 9th Bronze
Aryanna Gray 10th Bronze
Jayla Smith-Neal 9th Bronze
Drew DeBenedetti 10th Bronze
Nash Bassett 7th Bronze
Andrienne Abuel 9th Bronze
Shantanique Freeman 9th Bronze
Adnan Shamit 6th Bronze