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MDHHS updates COVID-19 guidance for K-12 schools

LANSING, Mich. – Today, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) updated its K-12 school quarantine and isolation guidance to reflect recent updates made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that modifies or shortens the quarantine and isolation periods to as short as five days in some circumstances.

Changes include language on isolation guidance that allow students, teachers and staff to return to school sooner after infection, under certain circumstances. Quarantine guidance is also updated, allowing students, as well as staff and teachers, to return to school sooner after a school-based exposure.  

The state is committed to ensuring Michigan students and educators are as safe as possible in the classroom. When layered prevention strategies such as vaccination, masking, distancing, testing, isolation and quarantine are applied consistently, school-associated transmission of COVID-19 is significantly reduced. MDHHS continues to recommend universal masking in K-12 settings. This guidance will help K-12 schools maintain in-person learning by outlining mitigation strategies when students, teachers and staff are exposed to a COVID-19 case in a school setting.

“We always advocate for preventative measures that keep our children safe,” said Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian, MDHHS chief medical executive. “Children of school age – ages 5 and up – are now eligible to get vaccinated, and children ages 12 and up are eligible to get boosted. In addition to masking and testing, we feel confident that schools can remain as safe as possible for our children.”

Quarantine and isolation are determined by the local health department and are used as important tools to prevent the spread of disease.  

  • You isolatewhen you are already infected with COVID-19 and have tested positive, even if you do not have symptoms. Isolation is used to separate people who are infected with COVID-19 from those who are not infected.  
  • You quarantine when you might have been exposed to COVID-19. This is because you might become infected with COVID-19 and could spread COVID-19 to others. 

Overview of COVID-19 Isolation Guidance for K-12 Schools  

  • Students, teachers & staff who test positive for COVID-19 and/or display COVID-19 symptoms should isolate regardless of vaccination status: 
  • If positive with no symptoms, monitor for symptoms from day of exposure through day 10 of isolation; and 
  • Isolate at home for 5 days (day “0” is day symptoms begin or day test was taken for students, teachers & staff who do not have symptoms); and 
  • If symptoms have improved or you continue to have no symptoms, return to school, while wearing a well-fitted mask, for days 6 -10; or 
  • Stay home for 10 days if unwilling/unable to wear a mask. 

If you have a fever, stay home until you are fever free for a period of 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications. 

Overview of COVID-19 Quarantine Guidance for K-12 Schools 

  • Close contacts of a COVID-19 case do not need to quarantine at home if they: 

These contacts should still monitor their symptoms and “Mask to Stay” for 10 days from the date of last exposure.  

  • Close contacts of a COVID-19 case who do not meet the criteria above need to quarantine or may test to stay and/or mask to stay. Exposed individuals may: 
  • Home quarantine for days 1-5, if feasible test on day 5, AND “Mask to Stay” for days 6-10; or 
  • Test to Stay” for days 1-6 AND “Mask to Stay” for days 1-10; or 
  • Home quarantine for days 1-10 if unable/unwilling to mask 

Students, teachers & staff should monitor for symptoms throughout quarantine period (days 1 through 10). Day “0” is day of last close contact with any COVID-19 positive student, teacher or staff.  If symptoms develop, get tested.  

Symptom Monitoring

During days 0-10 following exposure:

  • Watch for symptoms, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or other COVID-19 symptoms.
  • If symptoms develop, get tested immediately and isolate until receiving test results. If test is positive, then follow isolation recommendations.
  • If symptoms do not develop, get tested at least five days after last exposed.
  • If possible, stay away from others in the home, especially people who are at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19.

For the full 10 days after last exposure, avoid people who are immunocompromised or at high risk for severe disease, and nursing homes and other high-risk settings

Test to Stay: test every other day for 6 days following the exposure and consistent and correct use of a well-fitted mask.

Mask to Stay: is the consistent and correct use of a well-fitted mask when around others and in school and public settings.

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UPDATE: Both MMSA  campuses will remain closed throughout the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. 

April 2nd, 2020: Today, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-33, which recognizes the expanded scope of economic, educational, and civic dislocation caused by the COVID-19, and equips the administration to address fully the devastation caused by the virus. The order also formally declares a state of disaster.

“This is a necessary step to protect our kids, our families, and our overall public health,“ Whitmer said.

This order extends to schools across the state, and as of today, all schools will remain closed throughout the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. We recognize this is a long time to be away from the classroom but we are committed to providing learning opportunities for our students during this extended period.

Both Michigan Math and Science Academy campuses will be closed during this time. Our schools will continue to support our families with resources including e-learning plans. As the Governor has mentioned, districts will submit their e-learning plans to Intermediate School Districts for the next two months. I am proud to say that we already have plans in place to continue extended learning for our own students, plans that have been thoughtfully developed with our teachers and staff over the past several weeks. Please continue to follow the school websites, social media accounts, phone calls and email communication from schools for updates and resources including our plans for e-learning.

There are still some steps we have to work through, including submitting our plans to Macomb ISD for approval, which is required by the executive order. We have some time to process those as our calendar calls for Spring Break beginning tomorrow through the end of next week. We have all been operating in a state of uncertainty and temporary plans. We encourage you to use this “break” as a time for you and your family to focus on your physical and emotional well-being, knowing that we will be with you every step of the way.

March-16th : In accordance with the Governor’s order, MMSA will be closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, starting on Monday, March 16th. Governor Whitmer’s order extends into our scheduled Spring Break, which means that classes at Michigan Math and Science Academy will resume on Monday, April 13. We recognize this is a long time to be away from the classroom but we are committed to providing learning opportunities for our students during this extended period.
We will provide additional information for you in the near future.



Dear Parents and Guardians,

With the governor’s mandate to suspend school activities in the school buildings we are preparing to continue educational services online for distance learning. Until we are aware of whether public schools are making up days, we are asking that you review materials from email daily for messages from teachers with educational resources. All MMSA students have been assigned school emails, some students have already been using these accounts in various classes, however, in an effort to ensure that all students have access to email, we have reset passwords and we are providing the updated passwords below.

Below is a list of online resources that we use, resources that require student logins are indicated with the marker (Login). If your child is unaware of their login information for these resources, please contact your child’s teacher for login information. All other resources have no login or password.

• Google Classroom (Login)
• IXL (Login)
• Khan Academy
• BrainPop (Jr.)

• Raz-Kids (Login)
• Starfall
• Tynker
• ABC Mouse (K-2)
• PBS Kids

• Kids A-Z
• Prodigy (3-5 Login)
• Think Central/GoMath (Login)
• Class Dojo (Login)

Passwords are set to student’s school ID numbers. Students are able to access google accounts using Elementary Teachers will be using both Class Dojo and Google Classrooms to reach parents. For tutorials on how to access Google Classroom please visit:

If you have any questions, please contact us as

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As always, please direct any questions about MMSA Dequindre to, MMSA Lorraine to