• Located at 99 East Woodward Heights Blvd. Hazel Park, MI 48030
  • MMSA will move to Center Line, Michigan for 2012-2013 school year.
  • Opened in September 2009 authorized by Grand Valley State University
  • Tuition-free charter school. We are a privately managed but state funded school. Our management company is Concept Schools, a not for profit company.
  • MMSA is a college-prep academy offering a broad range of challenging courses in mathematics, social studies, foreign language, computers, music, art, and physical education. We have a stronger emphasis in math, science and technology.
  • MMSA was recently graded the letter “A” by the Michigan Department Of Education based on our MEAP (Michigan Education Assessment Program) achievement scores. MMSA received the top score in the region.
  • Considered extraordinary school and exceeded national improvement average in all subject areas in NWEA’s Measures Of Academic Progress (MAP) Test
  • Receive various awards in different contests, such as CONSEF Science And Engineering Fair – Winners received 2 Best of Their Category awards, 2 gold and 1 silver medals, Concept Schools Annual Spelling Bee – 1st place winner, Turkish Olympiad – 3rd place winner, Concept Schools Math Olympiad – 1st place winner and Honorable Mention award in 7nd grade
  • Currently attend 240 student
  • Projected enrollment is 415 students for the 2012-13 school year
  • Offers grades K – 11 in 2012-2013 . We will be adding 12th grade during 2012-2013 school year.
  • Maximum class size of 25, 20 in Kindergarten. With small class sizes, the students have more opportunities to participate and teachers can focus on each child as an individual. Our students gain advanced skills in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Technology while learning to work productively with those skills.
  • Our classes are fast-paced and our curriculum is challenging, but at the same time, we ensure the success of all of our students. This is done through extra tutoring after school, on weekends, and during summer.  Our tutoring is free of charge to all MMSA students.
  • Various clubs, sport teams, and extracurricular activities give MMSA students the chance to grow socially, as well as academically.
  • MMSA also organizes international exchange programs and overseas field trips.
  • Student/teacher ratio of 10 per teacher including the support staff
  • School year of 180 days
  • School day of 8 hours 8 periods.  6 hours and 18 minutes of instructional time per day
  • All classroom teachers and professional support staff are appropriately certified by MDE
  • MMSA greatly appreciates and encourages the participation of our students’ entire families. We have incredibly dedicated parents that help us to shape and mold our school into a place where all feel welcome. We strongly encourage parents to be involved in their children’s continuing education.  Here at MMSA, parents’ opinions count and their contributions are greatly appreciated.


At Michigan Math and Science Academy, our vision is to emphasize math and science education, along with all other core subject areas, in order to increase student achievement and academic excellence, and to motivate 100 percent of our students to attend college.





It is our mission to build an educational environment in which teachers, parents, and students work together to help students excel in a college preparatory curriculum in all four core subjects, as well as in elective courses.  We will enhance student learning through after-school tutoring and an extended school year. In addition, our teachers will focus on the achievement of individual students through our advisory program.  Through the increased involvement of parents and teachers, our students will develop their skills in all content areas with an emphasis on math, science, and technology in order to become bold inquirers, analytical thinkers, and ethical leaders in the 21st century.