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MMSA Artists Dominate CONSEF Design Contest

Casha Caldwell

Art students 5th through 12th grade at MMSA participated in the 11th Annual CONSEF Design Contest.  In this competition students had to create a design the incorporated both science and engineering in a single image for the design contest.  Casha Caldwell a 7th grade student at MMSA was in the top 7 honorable mentions.  Ileana Bell a 9th grade student at MMSA was awarded 1st place out of hundreds of participants from all of Concepts Schools.  On March 22, 2014 at the CONSEF Award Ceremony, Casha will be presented a $25 gift card and certificate, while Ileana will be presented with a $250 check and certificate.  Congratulations to both!

Casha Caldwell honorable mention 2013-14 consef science and engineering fair