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MMSA at Metro-Detroit Science and Engineering Fair


Twelve MMSA students participated in the Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit this year at Cobo Hall.  We are so proud of our competitors, who worked hard and had a great time.  Vincent Wilton (7th grade) scored 3rd place in his category!  Additionally, an Outstanding Award was granted to Justin Wilton (10th grade), and Excellent Awards were granted to Tim DeLeo (9th grade), MeAsia Hendon (9th grade), Taylor Horton (6th grade), Tori Palka (11th grade), and Ajee White (10th grade).  Honorable Mention Awards were granted to LeAnthony Harmon (9th grade), Marvin Pride (9th grade), and Maikohl Lockett (7th grade).  A special thanks to Alendrea Dantzler and Ally Bentham (11th grade) whose team project was shown in the exhibition category as well.