Periodic Table of Students


The Periodic table of middle school was an assignment given to all middle school students in Ms. Langwald’s science class.  They were given the task of creating their own element to represent them.  The element abbreviation was their first and last initial, which was to be colored in their favorite color.  The element was decorated with items that represented them ex. Sports, music, teams, and items that represent each individual students.  All the students were separated in to column and rows for their class.  When the table was put together students were challenged to find other students with their initials, their favorite color, and to find other students similar interests as them.

Students pictured photo 1

LeAnothny Harmon, Gabe Guisgand, LaTajiah Ford, Jordyn Richardson, Zariah Bridges, Ms. Langwald, Kayln Smiley

Photo 2
Destiny and Diamond Henderson
Photo 3
Jordyn RIchardson and Keyonte Long
Photo 4
De’jha McCord
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photo3 (Copy)
photo4 (Copy)