Science & Engineering Fair

4 (Copy)The 58th Science & Engineering Fair of Metropolitan Detroit (SEFMD) was held on March 11, 2015 at Cobo Center. 1,242 students from 104 schools in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties competed at SEFMD, one of the longest running and largest science fairs in the world. This year Michigan Math and Science Academy students had following awards:


Student Name                        Award                    Teacher Name                 Special Award

Quintin  Andrews……. Second Place….. Huseyin  Yagci ……Invited to Michigan State Science Fair

Mason  Brudzinski ……Third  Place….    Huseyin  Yagci…… Invited to Michigan State Science Fair & United States Patent and Trademark Office  Professional  Award winner.

Elias  Kashat                Third  Place         Esin  Yurtdakal

Justin  Wilton                Outstanding        Huseyin  Yagci

Alexander  Hardwell      Outstanding       Huseyin  Yagci

Dakota  Kindred             Outstanding      Huseyin  Yagci

Ridwan  Hayder             Outstanding      Allie  Langwald

Bryan  Banaylo              Outstanding      Allie  Langwald

Pamela  Smith               Excellent           Huseyin  Yagci

Gabrielle  Bagtas           Excellent          Esin  Yurtdakal

Omar  Khanfar               Excellent          Esin  Yurtdakal

Tori  Palka                     Excellent          Gabrielle  Hart

Grace  Tate                   Excellent          Amanda  Burgess

Bianca  Torcuator          Excellent         Amanda  Burgess

Ajee  White                    Excellent         Amanda  Burgess

Imtihan  Chowdhury      Excellent         Allie  Langwald

Adam  Khanfar              Excellent         Allie  Langwald

Vincent  Wilton              Excellent         Allie  Langwald

Timothy  Deleo             Honorable Mention      Allie  Langwald

Joseph  Woodall           Honorable Mention     Amanda  Burgess

Aryanna  Gray                    No-Show               Amanda  Burgess

Anthony  Morello                No-Show               Michele  Portelli

Ileana  Bell                          No-Show              Michele Portelli

Congratulations to all the students and Mr. Huseyin Yagci, Mrs. Esin Yurtdakal, Ms. Allie Langwald, Ms. Amanda Burgess and Mrs. Michele Portelli.

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