Spoken Word

We would like to congratulate any of the Spoken Word students on their excellent performances this past Saturday, We are very proud of them all!  This was the largest group of students we’ve ever taken to compete, and not only did they out-perform our previous groups in past years, but they also almost swept the prizes, winning MMSA an award in every category (a first for us in the seven years of attending)!!!

Below are the students who performed, along with the winners:
Makaya DeJarnette. – 2nd Place in Free-Form!
Kendra McVay-Howard – 2nd Place in Recitation!
Kiarah Brooks & Mya Clark – 2nd Place in Team Recitation!
Naliyah Council, MyIsha DeJarnette & Gabe Guisgand – 1st Place in Team Free-Form!!! 
Hiba Elturk – Competed (Free-Form)
Victoria Jackson – Competed (Free-Form)
Aaliyah Jones – Competed (Free-Form)
Elissia Anderson – Competed (Recitation)
Heavyn Catledge – Competed (Recitation)
Phoenix Wohlfeil – Competed (Recitation)
Eleena Redmond – Competed (Team Free-Form)
Syeda Rizwana – Competed (Team Free-Form)
Nah’Genma Cook – Competed (Team Free-Form)